Normally, ordinary schooling creates many conceptual gaps in the child’s learning process and in the course of learning, the child develops a phobia for the subject. The learning environment we have created at our schools is not designed to cater to “time-bound and syllabus-completion targeted” teaching. Instead it helps the students learn, at their pace according to their individual learning styles. It nurtures in them the ability to think independently and reason logically. Every day is a joyful day of discovery for us and for our students too. We have seen them come out of their confusion, derive inspiration, discover their immense potential, ignite their minds and manifest themselves as enlightened individuals capable of responding to the needs of the society and cope with emerging challenges.

     The academic program at SPR School is customized and caters to the individual learning needs of every child. Every student is allowed to set his/her own pace and momentum in learning. This philosophy stems from the fact that every class will have students with varied learning abilities. In line with this ideology, students, who may belong to the same class are divided into different categories based on their performance and competence in mathematics, english and sciences.

     Assignments in the form of printed worksheets shall be given to students every Saturday in subjects viz. mathematics, english, physics & chemistry.

Evaluation Process

Students have to take test in one subject every day as per the following daily test time table.

Daily test time table
Day Subject
Monday Social/Basic Maths
Tuesday EVS / Science / Biology
Wednesday Telugu
Thursday English & Academic Maths
Friday Hindi
Saturday Physical Sciences

In addition to the daily tests, Spell exams are conducted every 45 days during the course of the academic year. Learning by rote is strongly discouraged and students are tested for their analytical, conceptual and comprehension skills in these exams.