• A big playground with all the sports and games infrastructure.  
  • Transportation facility with modern school buses that comply with all the safety regulations.
  • A state of the art computer lab with 40 computers.
  • An ultra-modern LCD projector called K-YAN that combines a computer and a projector.
  • A fully equipped science lab.


     SPR School’s main motto is to develop self-learning ability in children. As part of this philosophy, students are actively encouraged to take up book reading as a habit. The school library has a vast and exhaustive collection of books. It also has a book - lending section that lends most of the books to students so that they can take home their favorite books and read.


     Technology, we believe can play a useful and important role in furthering our objectives. As part of this, we have set up a full-fledged and state of the art computer lab. The systems a real hands on experience and run our customized, in house – developed educational software programs that let students be active participants instead of being just passive recipients. The programs, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of students at different levels, stimulate their intellectual and creative zeal.

One of the important objectives of these technology assisted programs is English Language Learning. Scientific research has well established that language learning is one of the most intricate brain functions. We felt the need to adopt an approach that is non-linear, multi-sensory, student-friendly and that complements the classroom activity appropriately. As part of this program, students are given ample opportunities to hone up their listening skills (good spoken skills require this) and are actively encouraged to express their thoughts and experiences in English. The ultimate aim of this program (Technology Assisted Language Program) is to help the students use English as a first language i.e., thought, understand and expression in the language where no translation (mother tongue to English) is involved.

As part of our technology assisted learning, we also have a modern and futuristic gadget called K-Yan that combines a computer and an LCD projector into one unit and which can be used even in classrooms.