SPR School considers field trips, a vital requirement and an integral part of academic curriculum. We want our students to understand the social,, cultural and environmental aspects of life in rural areas. If today’s kids are going to become tomorrow’s leaders, they should be aware of real India, rural India. All the field trips are carefully chosen for different classes based on around 18 themes, ranging from animal farms, Brick kiln, weaving, and silk rearing to vernacular explorations. We also want our students to experience the joys of simple childhood which, most of them are unable to have owing to urban upbringing. Through these field trips, we want them to appreciate and understand the rustic style of country life, develop respect for various age-old and timeless professions in a typical village. The bottom-line is that we hope to see our students develop social skills, adaptive behavior and become truly independent in thought and action. We have tied up with an NGO named ‘Dirty Feet’, whose objectives align with ours, to take our students on these wonderful and educative Field Trips